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Pediatric Preventive Dentistry
in Cumming, GA

Get your children's dental care on the right path toward a lifetime of healthy smiles with pediatric dental preventive care in Cumming. With a focus on prevention, education, and preventive exams, our Cumming, GA dental specialist can help ensure your child's mouth is developing properly and minimize their chances of needing more complex treatment later in life. With gentle techniques and a caring approach, offered with our pediatric wellness checks in our dental office in Cumming, pediatric dentistry can keep your child healthy, so they can focus on what they do best: being a kid!

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Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Pediatric Cleanings & Exams

Just like cleanings and exams for adults, pediatric cleanings and exams are fairly straightforward. Your child’s dental hygienist or dentist will clean their teeth and gums, then their dentist will carefully examine their mouth and any children's preventive x-rays and exams to look for potential issues with your child’s oral health or development.

You’ll have the opportunity during this visit to speak with your child’s dentist about what to expect during the various stages of their oral development, like when their teeth will be erupting, falling out, then erupting again as adult teeth. We will discuss proper techniques for Cumming at-home preventive oral care and hygiene for different age groups, and even talk about nutrition and diet, and how it’s related to your child’s developing oral health.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Special Needs

We want every child to feel welcome and every parent to feel assured that their kid is in capable hands. When you come to our practice, you can rest easy knowing we have knowledge and expertise in helping children with special needs. For kids with sensory sensitivity, Autism, and a variety of other conditions, we are equipped to provide the preventive care and exams in our Cumming office that they need. Get in touch today to see how we can accommodate you.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Pediatric Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are essential for dentists' preventive care to keep an eye on the development of children's teeth while looking out for symptoms of decay and other oral health conditions. After reviewing your child's dental and medical histories, and completing a thorough oral health exam, your child's dentist may recommend x-rays as a part of their complete treatment when they visit the dentist. Because every child is unique, their requirements for dental x-rays can differ as well.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Sealants

Dental sealants use a transparent liquid resin, which is applied directly to the teeth and is hardened using a UV light. This creates an impenetrable seal on your child’s tooth, which stops bacteria, acid, and food particles from causing cavities. This treatment is usually recommended specifically for cavity-prone rear teeth.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Pediatric Oral Cancer Screenings

Even children need oral cancer screenings! This is an essential part of preventive care that can be performed quickly, safely, and usually without your child noticing.

During the screening, the dentist will examine your child’s mouth, gums, and oral tissues. They’ll look for discolored patches, lumps, growths, and other similar abnormalities. In the rare case that an issue is found, a biopsy may be taken and sent to a specialist for further analysis, or the dentist will refer you to a specialist directly.

Scheduling a dental visit every 6 months allows your child’s dentist to address any issues before they become larger problems.

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Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease.

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